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Staying Creative
Carrie Pages
Tutorial 3290

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Thanks so much everyone for your kind words. Kelly: I totally get it. Client "dynamics" can be so difficult to manage! Just have comfort that we all deal with it and you're not alone!
Melinda M
Thank you Carrie!! This was so very helpful. I actually felt as if you and I just had a conversation about burnout and creativity and you were speaking directly to me!! So many helpful tips!
Fiona H
Thanks so much Carrie. Lots of very relevant points.  After 15 years of teaching one on one sessions, I realised after your tutorial that I am not imagining my burnout etc and am feeling more inspired now to take regular long weekend breaks and enjoy our lovely South African sunshine
thank u so much! this was truely great.
Lina S
Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for sharing so many useful advice.
Lakna N
I started teaching just over a month ago and you just spoke to me! Thank you!
Perfect message for me today. Thank you!
Oh Carrie this is wonderful! So many great heartfelt tips. Thank you for your advice! And thank you for your honesty!! I can totally relate!!
Diane Duvall
Loved this!  I absolutely use Pilates Anytime for new ideas and you have been my latest inspiration (I've watched and done all five classes of your Power Reformer Challenge more than once and taken copious notes!).  I can tell that you are classically based (as am I) and I love that you have branched out to keep it fresh for you and your clients.  I work hard to do the same!
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