Beginner Series #3
Niedra Gabriel
Class 426

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Best teacher ever! More Niedra mat classes, please! I love to learn more traditional Pilates. precision and excellence

Thank you Maktub, always happy to know you enjoyed the traditional pilates work
As a teacher myself I really love the way you get beginners straight in to the classic matwork with helpful modifications to build up their confidence and strength. I think it's great to give beginners challenging classes whilst also keeping them safe and free from injury and this has motivated me to perhaps ask for just a little bit more when I start new Beginner classes in the future. I feel it gives people a very good idea of the classical matwork and what Pilates was intended to be and what we're aiming for before going on to other fancy variations!
Thank you Katherine for your comment and I am glad you found some of my approach motivating for your own teaching. Wishing you much success.
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I am very happy for getting back to your beginner series and go all over the instructions step by step for using and discovering the power house correctly...thank you so much Niedra for this delightful class...
Thank you Cigdem  for your comment. I too love to revisit basics and re establish fundamentals, Happy for you that this course is supporting you in doing this.
I am trying to follow these 10 sessions and i am in #3 and can’t get the following one. How do we follow the series in order?

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