Lengthening Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3450

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Amy Havens  Thank you again for commenting! :) I have already taken my theoretical exam, but I'm taking my time with the others (probably to the end of this year) as I'm also working full-time. I want to say that your classes are really helping me have a sustainable practice and learn about my body, because they are always educational AND they feel good! Hopefully one day I can learn with you in real life too
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Another fabulous class Amy, love your descriptive queing and my body feels amazing after the session. Thank you! x
Hi Julia R  --- wonderful and I'm so happy to hear that you enjoy my classes for both the education and the feel good factor!!  It would be lovely to work with you in real life someday too!!  And Melissa thank you so much for leaving this thoughtful comment for me!!
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great stretch with this class, thank you 
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Such a great class, Amy! Thank you. I really enjoyed the rhythm and the standing warm-up. 
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Thank you, Amy. Strong and gentle at the same time. 
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I am a big fan of Amy! 1st part of this Theraband Class reminded me a bit of a Ken Gilbert Braided Towel Class (another big favorite of mine). I had a good time. I feel great. Thanks again Amy:) 
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Hi Gary M !  Thank you so much for your comments and I too enjoy that class of Ken's .  He's a former Fletcher teacher and I've been influenced highly by the Fletcher work.  It makes so much sense and feels so good to my body!  Glad you enjoyed this class!
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Thank you, Amy!! That movement was everything this morning. Also, it was fun being with the girls :’) 
Claudia H !!!  Hey girl, aw thank you!  Hope all is well in your world!!
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