Foundational Mat 6
Kathryn Ross-Nash
Class 3501

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kathryn, This class was Romana reincarnated, with a flair of your understanding and years of training!
Adero No greater compliant have I received.....
Thank you Kathryn for another amazing class! It was tough, but I really enjoyed it. This series is helping me to move forward as I never did practicing  on my own. Any suggestions for what's next after this series? Also, how can I get those incredibly toned arms?? I have nowhere to go but up- Thanks again- you're a natural teacher as well as amazing example.

Great class; you can feel exactly the precision; cueing is perfect...thank you Kathryn
Thank you KRN- loved the single leg- criss-cross connection and the teaser evolutions- getting lots of “a-ha!” moments💜
Kathryn Ross-Nash please list that you need a weighted bar for the needed materials for this workout. Thank you. 
This is a challenging class but a great one for those ready to level up in the classics.  Her 4 step teaser is welcome simplicity for those who don't need much wiggle up in this exercise anymore.  Once you have it, it'll be a go-to teaser approach.
Love your class!
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