Mat for Dancers<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Class 3523

Mat for Dancers
Karen Clippinger
Class 3523

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Karen I adore your classes —— please keep them coming —- I love the precision of them and the more moderate pace —- yum xxxx
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Slow paced class, with effective exercises, and little down time between the exercises. I loved it. I feet better, got a good workout, and feel lengthened.  Thanks Karen:)  
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No dancer here either ... but very enjoyable ... thank you 🙏🏻🇩🇰
Tanya B
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What a session thank you Karen! :)
Karen Clippinger
Thank you for your lovely comments and appreciation of precision. I do find that the details make such a difference in the kinesthetic experience and gains. Wishing you the Best
Karen Clippinger
Gary, Dorthe an d Tanya:
Thank you for your supportive comments and I am so glad you found my class benefiical. Yes, I really find that a blend of strength and dynamic flexibility is so important for healthy bodies. Wishing you all good health in these stressful times.
Hi! I am a professional dancer and I’m trying to find he best way to condition my body as a freelancer. I love this workout, but I wonder if anyone would have any suggestions on how often to do this workout? And if anyone has other classes they like and would suggest that pairs well with this workout, that would be amazing!!
Melanie Adele  H
Absolutely brilliant, takes me back to my ballet classes. Beautiful cueing, very challenging but extremely enjoyable. i will add this once a week to my regime.
Karen Clippinger
Savannah, Thank you for your kind comments. I would recommend doing this workout 2-3x per week and supplementing it with cardio workouts and dance technique classes to get the key elements for a professional dancer. Depending on the type of rep you do, you might also need to supplement it with some more upper extremity strength training for partnering and inversion work. Good luck in your professional pursuits.
Karen Clippinger
Melanie: Thank you so much for your wonderful comments. They are very appreciated and I think you will be pleased with the body changes with consistent execution. Best Wishes, Karen
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