Go Deeper on the Reformer<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Workshop 3641

Go Deeper on the Reformer
Benjamin Degenhardt
Workshop 3641

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Nina F
Really amazing workshop with lots of knowledge. I am watchinh it over and over again, and still discovering new things in it. 
Martha T
Really enjoyed this. A really balanced workshop and I can't wait to explore this movement. I was able to gain a deeper sense of awareness and a whole new perspective. Thank You! (First thing first, I will definitely be trying the back extension with elbows pressing into the box.)
Thank you so much for this amazing workshop and I can't believe it's free! Meredith did amazing for such a long demo session!  I feel inspired as I am just starting my reformer journey. 
Thank you Benjamin for this deep dive, insights, great teaching and refresh the knowledge.....Paulinka
Erica Young
masterfully taught. thank you for this valuable workshop
Erica Young
masterfully taught. thank you for this valuable workshop
Loved this workshop. Very useful information.  Also, looooove Meredith, her eagerness to learn, even though she is a very experienced teacher. She observes and listens as if she were a first time student.  Thank you for the inspiration to both.
Jamie J
I enjoyed watching this workshop. I love how the movements were so easily broken up and cued. Thank you!
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