Class 8: Flow
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3815

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great class! Thank you for it :) 
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Really enjoyed the lightness and freedom of movement without sacrificing the challenge...and it was a challenge in that I needed to modify a number of things, particularly those requiring balance while moving.  It was like my old ballet and modern classes!  Please keep this going.  I signed up for the series, but I'll never hold true to those exact days.  Hope it's not required.  Thank you!!  Anne
Anne I am so please you enjoyed this class.  Always modify when needed.  It is pretty amazing how quickly the body remembers and adapts to challenges.  Absolutely no need to stick to exact  days.  Just have fun and work through in your own natural time.  PS sorry for the delayed response.  Took my kiddos on a camping trip.  was delightful! 
Love the way you string the movements so fluidly..
Enjoyed this FLOW! Thanks.
Thank you Rajashree Srirangarajan!  I appreciate your comments.  
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