Straightforward Mat
Gia Calhoun
Class 3857

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Very helpful teacher for those who are learning.  She explains very clearly when to breathe and describes motions in very subtle fashion, almost like in physical therapy where you need very detailed descriptions to get it right.
Michael Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so glad that you enjoyed this class and that is exactly what I am going for when I teach!
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Really good mat class. Great cuing.  Kept things moving. 
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Very easy to follow for a beginner.  Thank you, Gia!!
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Just perfect 😀
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great class. simple but effective!

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This class was perfect! Great for when you need something familiar and to the point! Thank you!
So glad that you are all enjoying my class! I hope you're all staying healthy and safe! TrishaAileenNicole ,LynneSara 
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I liked this workout. You move it along and it is so easy to follow without seeing exercise. I can do everything but flip my legs over my head. Guess I needed to learn this before being mud 70’s! Question - in your opinion, what is a good exercise for the sciatica?
I'm so glad this class worked for you, Jane! For more information on sciatica relief, I recommend this video by Sherri Betz. She has great solutions that could help you in other classes as well!
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