Embodied Anatomy Reformer<br>Lesley Powell<br>Class 3830

Embodied Anatomy Reformer
Lesley Powell
Class 3830

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Melody M
It would be so much better if the instructors gave what springs they are changing to. She did a good job at first, then started changing things and I have no idea how many springs she is changing to.
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Melody M ~ Thank you for your feedback. We're so sorry that you had trouble with the spring settings in this class. We'll keep working to make sure that's clear in all of our Reformer classes!
Melody M Sorry about that.  I am traditional about springs.  Footwork 3-4 springs, most other exercises 2 springs and armwork 1 spring.  I look a lot at form.  If the client is losing form, I lighten the load until the client finds the coordination needed for that exercise.  If you have a question of a particular video/exercise, let me know.
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