Practice What you Preach<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Tutorial 3874

Practice What you Preach
Niedra Gabriel
Tutorial 3874

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Cyndi P
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Niedra Gabriel  As I was writing what my ideal day looked like, I realized I need a "reset" between all my transitions.  This way I can be more focused on that time block rather staying where I came from or  thinking about where I am going.  Just 1-2 minutes of clearing my mind with focused breath so I can more present, this is just what I need.   I preach this to my kids, so I won't say it again to them until it's part of my own practice.  Thank you!
Niedra Gabriel
Cyndi A plus to you - yes, do not preach to your kids till you do this yourself.  Great wisdom here. keep on going and apply this , over and over apply this!
It was only a couple months after I started teaching that I realized I was on a fast track to burn-out. After a lot of thought, I made adjustments to my teaching schedule and am continuing to refine it every 3-4 months. The questions you ask in this lesson force me to look deeper, and I realize my self-care is not good at all. My ideal day includes making quality time for myself a priority: waking up and feeling well-rested, enjoying my tea & having some quiet time to myself, a daily walk in nature, a more regular Pilates practice and time for yoga or gym later, taking the time to include some form of self-care pampering, and not teaching more than 4-5 hours at a time. I want to be that teacher who walks in with a bounce and a smile! I will use my Passion Planner to help me move this vision forward. Thank you for this food for thought, and I am going for a walk right now!
Niedra Gabriel
Linda Hellfritsch-Robinson well done!  This is so important. I wish you much success in staying alert to your own self care and recalibrating regularly - this will lead to inspired teaching, health and joy . 
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