Me and My Reformer
Karen Sanzo
Class 3896

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Goodness.  I love this workout. It's fun to feel good about your own work: both teaching and doing!!

thanks for all the comments.  Appreciate the feedback.
I wonder what 2020 will bring.
Good relationships with our bodies. 
Perfect class for the morning. Thank you! My back feels lengthened and lifted and I feel connected to my centre xx
Thank you Karen! As a teacher I always look forward to your classes.This class is inspiring, love the connection between exercises.
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I came back to my little corner of peace after a long day of teaching and worry and feeling weird and anxious and this was perfect. Some day I'll nail that teaser facing the footbar, but I didn't need to tonight. Just needed to move. Thank you! 
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Thank you thank you thank you for explaining and taking the time to change positions  which weights to use and why!! I was doing pilates but then had three major traumatic stomach operations in one year which made me struggle to get back into it! I have the reformer at home setup. thank you again my body has that wonderful fuzzy feeling after a great work out! so happy right now!
I  don't 2 red springs. I have 2 yellow, 2 blue and one red springs. which one is your red springs?
Love your classes.  I really like how you break every movement down and your cuing is so concise.  Thank you.
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Thank yoU! 
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I love Karen’s teaching style.  She is my favorite!
Amazing Karen thank you :)
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