Healthy Neck and Spine<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 3962

Healthy Neck and Spine
Tom McCook
Tutorial 3962

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Dear Natalie H,  Thank you and enjoy sharing the knowledge and embodiment!
Eveline D
Thank you! Lovely and fun explanation makes it so simple yet so yummy effective!
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Dear Eveline D,  Thank you so much for your feedback!
Grace W
Hi Tom,  Thanks so much for this.  Just 10 minutes of this puts my neck in a much better place.  

I have one question.  I'm not carrying any neck tension in my "neck-pit" at all, but am carrying a lot of neck tension in my right trapezius.  Is there something I should be doing differently for this?  I notice that the part of the video where we're leaning our head left and extending our right hand, that I get some love by rotating my head a bit clockwise to really get the trap in the stretch.

Thanks for you videos and your wisdom
Grace W, Thank you for your comments and question.  Adding in the head rotations is a great idea. Notice if the weight feels even on both of your feet. The left to right imbalance usually starts much lower in our bodies! Bringing your awareness to it is really helpful. Also notice if your head is slightly tipped right with the right shoulder a bit elevated. Your right trap could be held short and in response to how your body is managing gravity, also related to handedness. Lots to consider! I hope that's helpful and all the best,
Simple, yet great! Thank you!!!
Katia B, Thank you so much! 
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