Mat for Stress Relief
Amy Havens
Class 3987

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Great class!  Just what I needed before a 2 hour car ride this morning!
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Just what my body needed today. Thank you
Thank you so much everyone!!  Elizabeth Larkam and I had a wonderful discussion about Circadian Rhythms and time of day for what type of exercise, just released this morning class 4020.  This Mat For Stress Relief class was filmed before the discussion, but so happy to hear that many of you have done this class, at night/end of day --- perfect for your circadian rhythm health!!  Thank you all for enjoying this, slowing down, breathing deeper and moving softer --- that matters to your health!   
For those who were wondering about the music selections for this class, I gathered these soundscapes from a source that we have access here through Pilates Anytime.  If anyone wants more details, you can send me a direct message.  Thank you!!
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This felt wonderful. Thanks for helping me out of my head
Would definitely not mind seeing more like this!
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Loved this! I would enjoy a longer  and more sessions like this!!
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Your imagery was wonderful. So evocative. Thank you.
I was completely lost in the first 10 minutes and didn’t finish the class. This might be more suited to someone who appreciates free styles.
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Thank you! Lovely, yummy sequence of movements, by just watching it I feel destressed already 

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Thank you so much - I don't usually do free movement type sessions but this felt amazing once I allowed myself to release. I feel great!
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