Playful Mat Flow
Brett Howard
Class 4000

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So nice to bring fun into mat classes.  Loved the soft drum beats to the upper backs  and the bonuses the students received from the gentle extra pushes to the stretches from you. You always smile and laugh with the students in your classes and shows how much you enjoy teaching.  Thanks for a good fun class.
Lovely class Brett, and fun. Thank you! 
Great fun !
I wore 5 lb leg weights and that worked for me. It was nice to see Gia and Kristi in the class. I got a workout, a good stretch, & had fun. Thanks Again Brett:) 
You're too funny Brett! Thanks for the opening, strength and out loud laughter. 
Love this video !  Its a challenging , pure Pilates workout , without any funny other stuff. Its great for me to work with a Pilates instructor  who was also a dancer , as its what my dancer's body needs, especially my bad knees, whits also very good for my scoliosis - my back feels so much better after this class .  I just wish he was here to adjust me and give me a little extra stretch too! 
Love Love Love this class!!
I love this class! Brett is such an amazing teacher. Thank you!!
Awesome glass. Love the stretches at the end. perfect!
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