Fascial Net Plastination<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Discussion 4037

Fascial Net Plastination
Elizabeth Larkam
Discussion 4037

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Elizabeth & Rachelle - Thank you for this conversation and your work at large! I appreciate the care and depth to which you're holding the material ... but that it isn't presented as precious or over someone's pay grade of understanding. Not that I'd expect anything different, friend, but job well done! (As usual!)
James, so grateful for your favorable review. You have been applying fascia and movement studies for your clients' wellbeing for years.  Thank You for your dedication to our field!
Rachelle C
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What an absolute joy this is to share this information with the Pilates Anytime community along side of the amazing Elizabeth Larkam! We had so much fun in this chat...I think we could have talked all afternoon! The FNPP project has been such an incredible journey for us. It’s thrilling to help bring fascia into view for the movers and shakers around the globe. I cannot wait to share more of what we are learning and how it impacts our thinking and our understanding of what underlies all movement! 
Christine Larocque
Can't wait for the Plastination Project big reveal at the 6th International Fascia Research Congress in Montréal: september 2021, I'll see you there!
Rachelle C
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Christine, we are happy to report that the full-body specimen is still able to move forward in her process in the midst of all the global changes right now. She is still on track. It will be a true celebration to connect with you there!
Jaap V
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Why do you keep removing my 'negative' comment instead of taking advantage of my comment by at least correcting and editing  the lousy text of the script.  Only allowing positive comments here will not benefit the quality of what is offered here. Even worse, it tends to cheating.
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Fascinating, thank you!
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