Lower Body Power Reformer
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 4054

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This was just what I needed. I am trying to add more cardio and this really got me sweating just the right amount. I'm new to Sarah B.'s classes and the cues were perfect for me. This was a little shorter than I'm used to as 50 min is my goal so I'll be adding a short class to help me keep on my goal for daily practice. 
Hi Sarah M, It is amazing how effective the jump board can be to boost a workout to cardio.  I am so pleased this class worked for you.  Another short class is a great idea:) Hope to "see" you again soon. Take care.

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Whew! your arms and back are stronger than mine so I adjusted the spring for me.... but as you say:  I am up for the challenge!  Loved it! Creative and new thoughts for me.... Thank you!
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Always fun to discover a new class on this platform! So zesty, thank you!
Hi Candace!! Sorry for the delayed response.  This message slipped by:) Love that you were challenged.  Thank you so much for "playing"!!
katrwall Woot woot!  So happy this zesty class suited your needs.  Take care:) and "see" you soon!!
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What a great mix…. Just found this beauty from a while back
Hi Susan B, yay! Enjoy:) and thank you. 
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Loved it start to finish! And that 40 minutes flew by!
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Thanks Sarah!
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