Teaching Seniors<br>Amy H and Sherri B<br>Discussion 4144

Teaching Seniors
Amy H and Sherri B
Discussion 4144

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Oonagh McDevitt
Thank you Amy and Sheri - just getting myself ready to teach a group of seniors online. Lots of ideas, suggestions and very helpful. Thank you. Oonagh
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So glad you enjoyed this Oonagh McDevitt !!

Patty Hafen
I cannot even express how much I appreciate the information that Sherri shares with us and the support we get from Pilates Anytime.  The specific information regarding this segment of the population is so helpful and clear.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Patty
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Patty Hafen I agree with you 100%!  Sherri Betz is one of our industry's best resources for all things related to this population of client/student.  Happy you were able to watch / listen to this webinar!
Sherri Betz
Patty Hafen thank you so much for your positive feedback.  I will send the waiver and items you asked for this evening!  
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Late to the video but grateful for the shared knowledge.  So important to think through the virtual environment for teaching our Seniors.  They are hungry for this and it is so doable!  THANK YOU!!
I’m so grateful for every single senior teaching you do. I teach active agers twice a week and always am starving for truly helpful exercises for them to build bone density and stay mobile. I’ve got to admit the challenges of teaching a class with assorted issues sometimes terrifies me - the mix of vertigo, osteoporosis, scoliosis, hearing issues, a neck fusion, shoulder problems, knee issues and a client recovering from a broken leg can be tricky…Anyway, I hope PA will have you do more!😊
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