Pelvic Floor for Strength
Leah Stewart
Class 4156

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Racheal P Oh, yes, it feels so good on a pregnant body! I have loved doing this style of class during each of my pregnancies. 
Jennifer Dene Hi Jennifer! Thank you so much for the kind words and thoughtful feedback, it means so much! I hope that you are doing and feeling great with baby number 2! 
Ola Hi Ola! Incontinence can be so frustrating for us women. I hope that you have enjoyed this class several times and as a result have felt a difference in your pelvic floor strength and control. Please let me know how it is going. 
Myla P Hi Myla! Thank you for the question. Since I was so far into my own pregnancy whilst filming this class, I definitely chose exercises that are typical considered "safe" for DR. However, in my opinion, any exercise can be problematic when done without movement integrity - control, precision, etc. Safe movement for DR definitely has to do with avoiding certain ranges of motion in certain movements, but it also has to do with proper muscular sequencing and support during any movement or exercise. Please let me know if you'd like any other clarification. 
Imogen M Hi Imogen! Thank you so much for your honest feedback, and I hope that you are feeling great. As you know, listen to your body. There are times when certain movements just aren't in the cards for us and we can take a step back, practice more fundamental exercises, regain strength or stability and then try something that wasn't quite working for us again. It's a continual process of ebb and flow, especially during the pregnancy and postpartum periods when the body is ever shifting and changing. That is the beauty of Pilates and Pilates-inspried movement (such as this class), it provides us with endless options for movement that will fit our needs. Please let me know if you have any other thoughts or questions. 
Thank you Leah. Lovely and creative and a fabulously dynamic way of moving the pelvic floor. Thank you! 
Flippin heck... That was magnificent!!  What a class ! Thank you. 
Very nice class with a lot of information. I did feel however that there was too much stopping for lengthy, repeated explanations that interrupted the flow of movement. I realise that as a specialised class for pregnancy, a sensitive time for women and their bodies, that a lot of instruction can be reassuring , informative and helpful, I just prefer the work to flow, with instructions flowing along with the movements  as well.  Having said that, I thank you Leah for many great workouts for pre and post natal woman. 
I really did not enjoy this class because the instructions were way too complicated. Is it possible to have simpler exercises that still achieve the same goals? These exercises are making me frustrated more than anything.
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