Pilates Fit Blast<br>Cathleen Murakami<br>Class 4225

Pilates Fit Blast
Cathleen Murakami
Class 4225

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Kristin K
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OMG!!!!  You are AMAZING!  Thank you, I will continue to follow you.  I'm 54 and this is exactly what I need!
Cathleen Murakami
Kristin K ...thank you and so happy you took the time to comment! Let me know how the other classes are...I'm a decade more than YOU and keep wondering how I do it!!??
Kristin K
Hi, just did this class again, can you put more out there like this one?  Love it!  You are so funny too, love your personality.  
I'm back to say "Oh, HEY!" Still love this class! Didn't need modifications for my wrists this time, except on the second set of tabletop/hover, where I used handweights to help my t-rex arms be longer so my tush wasn't hitting the floor. Thanks again Cathleen.
Sharon M
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Loved this workout and your energy!  And yes, I did enjoy your chattering and found myself laughing at your jokes.  Keep them coming!
Cathleen Murakami
Sharon M ..thank you! They pretty much come spontaneously so you never know! I will be doing some work again soon with PA and have a few more...corny...but funny! Happy New Year 2022!
Diana H
loved this Cathleen! im 60 and fit and strong but I have lost that fast, bouncy mobility and I really related to what you were saying. Thankyou!
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