Calming Nerves
James Crader
Class 4423

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Bonnie L I appreciate that! Thank you!
Charles Gemme YES! Thank you and glad you keep enjoying it. 
Amy S Thank you!!
Practical Pilates What a great compliment! Thank you!
Sandy Thank you! I appreciate your taking time to comment. So glad you liked it. 
Abbey P HAHA! That comment is gold! Glad it landed well with you. 
Lyn G Thank you for the compliment!
Janet R Thank you! Hope you can join us tomorrow. 
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Thank you James this is exactly what i needed and i didnt even know.  This was the most important thing that has happened to me today and for that i am most grateful. 
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This was more on an experience than a workout, but it was a nice experience. I had fun, learned things, moved, breathed, stretched, and feel better. Another plus is that James looks a bit like my granddaughter's dad.  Thanks James:) 
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