Expanding Boundaries
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4424

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Allison O I'm very clumsy, and am most likely to fall out of a hammock. Definitely no resting here! Thank you for watching.
Pat S Thank you for watching, Pat! It's so easy to forget we're supposed to ENJOY our workouts, so I try my best to remind everyone! Is it work, yes. But we should also play, and laughter is an added bonus! Thanks for watching.
Carla  Hi Carla! Sorry for the delayed response. The desired inflation will be different for everyone, but I'd say between 75 and 85% inflation is where you want to be. Too firm and it's a battle; too soft and it can cause stress. It'll take a little time to find your sweet spot, but when you do, the ball is a very versatile accessory. Good luck, and reach out if you need more info!
Alyce S Hello! Climbing up the leg is a challenge for sure; I recommend bending the leg, exhaling and using a slight rocking motion to start as an assist... then extending the leg as you get over the most difficult part of the movement. I hope that helps--reach out if you need more info.
Hi Misty, is it the Franklin air ball shown in this link -  https://www.amazon.com/OPTP-Franklin-Air-Ball-LE9004/dp/B002YQSYNS
Carla  That's the one! It's super durable and highly portable! Enjoy.
Really enjoy the variety and your enthusiasm! 
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I really enjoyed this traditional class.  Clearly Phoenix was a star too!

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