Expanding Boundaries<br>Misty Lynne Cauthen<br>Class 4424

Expanding Boundaries
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4424

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Cate D
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Beginner? Really??
Cate D maybe more advanced beginner... but it gives us a goal to strive toward. I hope you enjoyed the workout!
Pippa B Hi! Sorry I missed this comment! Thanks for the compliment - I'm glad you enjoyed the class.
Fun class! I realized I skipped this one before maybe since it was marked as Beginner, but did it today.  Wonderful workout and now I believe I have completed this whole series!
Lola P
I don’t have time to watch the whole video then start over to do it, which you’ll need to do if you just have two eyes. I don’t understand the constant reference to armpit position nor do I have an under butt and some other butt. Finally, if you can do teaser, you are not a beginner. 
Chanda Hinman
Lola P we're sorry this class was not for you. We will take your feedback back to the team.
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