Squeeze It Out<br>Alexandra Bohlinger<br>Class 4485

Squeeze It Out
Alexandra Bohlinger
Class 4485

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Wow! What a class!!! Thank you very much, dear Alexandra!!! You mentioned your tail bone. I did break it as a kid. And it still bothers/pains me when I’m doing excercises like open leg rocker, teaser etc. Do you have any recommendations/tricks besides a pillow/thicker mat...? 
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Thank you Alexandra! You are inspiring and graceful, Romana would be so proud! I look forward to more of your work when time allows!
I SO enjoyed this creative class, strengthening body, heart & soul - thank you, Alexandra! The breakdown and build up of the movement components to enable us to cross over to the bigger movements & exercises. Using the chairs like this is wonderfully imaginative. I will be working on many of these alongside my clients, they will be delighted with the innovations & strong challenges  too, I know.
Barbara L Thank you! I would say thicker pillow or also try to be a bit more round and avoid coming up to the tip of the tail bone, stay in a C curve rather then balancing on the tail. I hope this helps and well done for completing the class! xoxo
Hi Rosemary Thank you so very much for your kind words. I do hope our dear Romana would be proud. I often hear her voice and smile when I'm working out, she would always say smile and have fun! Yes, hopefully soon we will have more fun workouts for you! 
Hi Limber Pilates thanks for uplifting comment it is very appreciated. Yes, pass the love. I hope they will enjoy and be challenged, with you guidance they can only succeed. Hugs from London. 
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Alexandra - Great work.  You make it all seem so easy when its not.  You have adapted many of the moves so well to the basic chair.  Having a chair with a slotted back certainly helps in emulating the ladder of the ladder barrel.  Definitely the pads are key to the success of this class.  Kudos to you for a very exciting class.  I couldn't wait to see what each  next move would be.  Kept me totally engaged throughout.  Thanks.
Pat S Hi Pat, Thanks for your complements, I'm very pleased you enjoyed this class I had a lot of fun teaching it! Yes a simple chair with a lot of potential!  Yes safety first, so we can play! Thanks for your lovely feedback! 

Cheryl Z
Love it got through all of it appreciate head stand at end.
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