Get Your Joe On<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Class 4489

Get Your Joe On
Amy Taylor Alpers
Class 4489

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Thanks for the explanation Ghia. I am personally not agreeing with the whole mask wearing thing.  I would not have expected that Pilates Anytime would bring mask wearing into the studio. Pilates is all about the breath!  We here do not wear masks in the studios, private onces or sport centres. Breath being  the very 1st and most important principle in Pilates and now we cover mouth and nose with a mask???   This makes you not being able to breath freely and can give a real claustrophobic effect and every breath you breathe back in you also partially take in the carbon dioxide You breathe out. Personally I  find it  extremely uncomfortable to watch a class with a masked participant
Ilja ~ Thank you again for your feedback. I've taken classes with a mask on and have not had any trouble breathing. We understand your concern and we're looking forward to when restrictions are lifted and everyone can workout without a mask. Until then, we have chosen to comply with the guidelines that have been mandated. 
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Simply the best, thank you Amy. Please can we have Amy do this type of playlist series on the Reformer 
Frida Lehman
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It worked! I did this class yesterday (with my dancer body - all legs, no torso kind of...) and find myself with soar lats and pecs today. Thanks for a fun and challenging class Amy Taylor Alpers !
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