Dynamic Control
Misty Lynne Cauthen
Class 4493

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loved the corkscrew / open leg rocker combo! thanks :)
This work out is great. Really enjoyed it but I don’t think is level2 😊
Fantastic, Misty!
Loved this class. What a breath of fresh air!
In my world it's all about food; you made me smile! Thanks for all the creative ball exercices.
loooooove this class! fun and challenging.... thank you!
WOW!   Dynamic is an understatement.   I practice with the small/franklin ball often but I’m unsure if I’ve ever used the ball in these exercises this way before.   Time will tell how sore I’ll be.   Thank you!
I came back to this class today as I love all classes with the overball.  Really creative abs series and loved the corkscrew/rollover variation.  Thanks so much!
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