Men's Health Reformer<br>Andrew Aroustian<br>Class 5155

Men's Health Reformer
Andrew Aroustian
Class 5155

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cesar  small world! Glad you enjoyed the class
Anna H pleasure! 
Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry great! Thanks for watching!
That wonderful elephant stretch with the rotation loved it - question if I wasn’t comfortable doing the beginning series where they are laying down with their head off the box with these lift and rotation… where would you teach that? The Cadillac or the the chair or just the simple mat? Just wondering what you thought - thanks! I’d love to see class 2 what you would teach this male client thanks 
Hi Elizabeth D thank you so much for your question. So glad you enjoyed the class especially that delicious Elephant variation! 
You could easily take the warm up section to the Mat or Cadillac and I would use an arc to create some extension bias for our male clients. I love starting abdominal work in an extended spinal position as it creates an excellent connection through the Flexion plane without creating too much compression on the thoracic vertebrae. Try it out and let me know how you go! 
Have a great day. 
Love it! And thank you suggesting many modifications, - that is so helpful for my rusty male clients ;)
Silke L 😂 so glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to bringing more soon. 
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