Creating the Habit (30 Day Challenge)

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A good Pilates practice is one that is integrated into your daily life. That isn't to say you must do an hour workout everyday, but since a little bit will go a long way, Kristi has designed a 30 day challenge to help you cre... (more)

Terrific Jessica! Keep us posted! There are some real gems in this list! Good Luck!
Is there any way to actually queue the whole playlist to watch later? Thanks!
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Hi Zombina,

Right now you can only add individual classes to your queue (not entire playlists). We are about to rollout a new "Programs You Watch" feature which will keep track of the most recent episode you've watched in each program and offer a link to watch the next episode.
Thank you Ted! It will be great to have a way to actually keep track of programs, so I'm really looking forward to that option :)
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That option is now live.
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