Osteoporosis Protocols
Rebekah Rotstein
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Jacquie: You are right that there is a LOT to modify for those with osteoporosis from the flexion-bias in Pilates. It's one of the reasons I created the Buff Bones® workout - to offer additional options. But also because as great as Pilates is, I felt there were other movements and modalities to support osteoporosis that should be integrated into a movement system for osteoporosis... However I have several osteo-safe Pilates classes here on PA and there are others too like Sheri Betz!
Thank you!! Great info.
Great tips.
I loved this tutorial, it was really helpful, and the way that Rebekah Rotstein explored the topic was perfect🌹
Unfortunately I cant see this video !?
Inger ~ I'm sorry you had trouble seeing this video. I recommend switching to a different Video Player as that should help fix the problem. If you continue to have trouble after trying this, please email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com.
Thank you for the great explanation. Such a good education video.
Rebekah great workout, one of my clients has recently been diagnosed with Osteopenia and this will help so much!
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