Allegro 2 Flow<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1016

Allegro 2 Flow
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1016

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loving Elizabeth Larkam's cueing and innovative ideas! Thank you for the inspiring class :)
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Wonderful! Many new variations & I really enjoyed the new exercises on the Allegro 2.
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Thanks for showing some new fun Allegro 2 variations.
Amazing and inspiring
but I think should be level 3...
Thank You Elizabeth for yet another Incredibly Beautiful Reformer class. I always look forward to seeing you on PA !!
HI Merona, Thank you for the feedback on level. It's always a tough decision on how to label a class given how subjective it is. A few of us reviewed the class again and felt there were a few exercises (namely on the roller) that were a little intricate at first, but when compared against our other level 2 classes we felt this one was similar in terms of intricacy and intensity so we have left it a level 2.
Love the lateral work, Elizabeth. I always feel taller after practicing with you!
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it took me several pauses and starts to see that a foam roller was used on the allegro for the supine arm work - would be nice to identify this as a prop at the beginning:)
B~ The foam roller is listed as a prop for this class. To see the props that we list as used in a class, please look to the second line below the video player screen.
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