Allegro 2 Flow<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Class 1016

Allegro 2 Flow
Elizabeth Larkam
Class 1016

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Hi Andie -- thank you for this comment. The Allegro 2 is a special Reformer indeed, but requires special arrangements when being used at Pilates Anytime. As you know, we use Balanced Body Studio Reformers as well as Gratz. Our home studio is fully equipped and at this time, does not have the need for an Allegro 2, therefore, we don't film with them. We'll make note of your request.
Hello, where did you get the foam roller and what size is it? Thanks so much!
Welcome to PilatesAnytime! There are many sources for foam rollers including Balanced Body Pilates. I prefer the six inch diameter roller of medium firmness (like Goldilocks, not too hard, not too soft).
Thank you so much for your quick response! Love the Goldilocks reference!! I am new to and have enjoyed your method of teaching. I especially appreciate your cues and calming voice. It really encourages me and makes me feel like, "I can do this!" I am planning on buying a reformer for home. I am torn between an Allegro 2 and a Balanced Body Studio reformer. Any suggestions? Thanks once again!
Yes indeed 'blessed mama', 'you Can do this'. That is the blessing of PilatesAnytime: the opportunity to practice at your own pace with the guidance of clear, encouraging instructions. I will answer your reformer question in the private messaging space as this forum is not for sales
Katie H
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In my top 10! So therapeutic. Thank you Elizabeth I love your humour
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Amazing work, lot of information, I'll watch it again for sure !
Thank you Marta! You might also like my more recent Reforner classes #3339, #2944, #2098. Please let me know if any of these appeal to you🙏
Diane H
Do you have a reformer infinity workout?
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