Mat for Men<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Class 1017

Mat for Men
Kevin Bowen
Class 1017

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Thank you...loved the mod for roll-ups...both - hands push on floor & sgl bent leg, variation on criss cross (cool), seated variation for SSF & Spine Twist, and the entire leg pull sequencing. Can't wait to share! Thank you Kevin & thank you PA
Great modifications for all-especially those who are limited in ROM and flexibility. Thank you!
Love the class and you Kevin for bringing us more insight to working with men. Please do more! I can really use the knowledge!
Thanks for trying a class targeted at men. I didn't think the level of difficulty for this class was on par with other level 2 50-minute mat classes, particularly in the amount of attention given to the abs. Take for example Tracey Mallett (1055) or Meredith Rogers (1054).
Patrick ~ Thank you for your feedback. Deciding the level can be tricky because it is subjective. After reviewing this video, I have decided to keep it at a level 2. The content is intermediate just as the other classes you mentioned. It is just less intense than those particular classes which makes them seem a lot harder.
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Awesome class Kevin so easy to follow ,clear instructed . I enjoyed very much
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I just love you! Great great class I feel great this Thanksgiving 2015! Many blessings to you!
Jeremy B
Great class for a start to level 2. I thought the flow was great until the video cut and jumped twice. If that content was brought back I think it would be a benefit. Thanks for sharing something for men. There isn't enough content and focus on bringing men's bodies into the routines. 
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Really enjoyed the class! I also liked the slightly more cardio at the end! Thank you!!!
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