Mat for Men<br>Kevin Bowen<br>Class 1017

Mat for Men
Kevin Bowen
Class 1017

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Great class Kevin. The modification for corkscrew (for men) was excellent and I got more out of it than ever before. Enjoyed the cardio workout at the end too. Will be bookmarking this one.
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What an enjoyable workout Kevin, delivered with clarity and confidence . I really like your teaching . I too enjoyed the cardio workout at the end and often do something very similar in my own workouts . I will certainly be bringing some of your excellent modifications to my classes. Thank you so much .
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nice variations , thanks!
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Enjoyed the class Kevin. And enjoyed the modifications!
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love it!!...Please..more Mister Bowen..PLEAASE!! txs a lot!!
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Funny those students don't look like men!
Kevin Bowen
Thanks for the positive responses everyone - wish we had a few more men in the Mat class!
Great class! I really enjoyed the modifications. I agree that we need more men.
I like the modifications of the exercicies. Every time I love PA. Thank you very much.
Kevin, Do you have any remedial little toe exercises you can recommend? My toes were severely challenged in the 1st 2 min. of this workout! I could not do the lifting of the big-toe then little-toe portion without eversion-inversion of my whole foot!!. Thank you for heightening my awareness of my toe dexterity challenges!
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