Remembering Ron<br>Ron Fletcher<br>Documentary 1029

Remembering Ron
Ron Fletcher
Documentary 1029

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For those of us who have not had the good fortune to have worked with the first or even second generation instructors, it is wonderful to have experienced this amazing video from a truly gifted and well loved man! Thank you Kyria!
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Thank you for posting this wonderful video!
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Especially the last few moments, really special. Thanks so much for making this available to PA members.
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I loved the video
So real life and touching
Very thankful for Ron and his contribution to pilates
Teachers he guided were very fortunate
His determination is an inspiration to me
Beautiful - thank you!
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Wow, this is beautifu and fascinating! Thank you! :)
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That was stunning! Takes me back to my meeting Ron in 2007, I was totally in awe of him and hung on every word he said. Thanx PA!
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Many many Thanks Ron for sharing your bliss....
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Thank You for the beautiful Tribute and stunning footage
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Lindo, wonderful.
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