Matapalooza Arm Weights<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 1066

Matapalooza Arm Weights
Monica Wilson
Class 1066

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Thanks, am adding more standing weight work so always great to do & review!
Great class however there are times when you whisper or your voice gets really low and its hard to hear what you are saying.
Lots of fun. Thanks.
This is a really good workout. I used low weighted gloves (piloxing ones) as had no weights like these and really felt it in arms. Thanks! :)
What a fun class Monica! Thanks again :)
Thank you for this enjoyable class!
Thank you for this enjoyable class!
Tahmour B
That was delightful! Loved the crack a walnut image. Thanks.
The arm weight series standing and in hinge position will be great for my clients with osteo issues- and the standing footwork fab for everyones posture. Thanks for making it such fun!
Monica Wilson
Thank you everyone!!! Monica:)
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