Tips to Embody the Movements<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1068

Tips to Embody the Movements
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1068

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This was one of my favorites!!! I have a client with very tight feet and she cramps EVERY session. We don't have a foot corrector, but I will get her on a tennis ball and rubber band to start every class now :) Also, the shoulder progression with weights and elongating the spine with hands on hips to start the short box series! The climb a tree worked so well for me! That is one of my nemesis flows but I think I will find improvement doing it with the form as you taught in this class, it was doable and not excruciating! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! :)
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Jai, so glad you found this class informative. I know how challenging cramps can be when clients get them - I hope this helps.
Niedra, she had no cramping last night!!! I'd say it helped tremendously! :)
This is great, thank you!
Balanced Body, I really feel disappointed when I waste my entire workout time searching for a video that uses the equipment I have. I do not have a foot corrected or a toe corrector, and if these had been listed in props, I would not have wasted my time finding out I cannot do this video.
Soolbeat ~ I am sorry you were disappointed in our prop listing. Theses are not props that are used very often so they are not in our regular list of props. In the description, it says that a foot corrector and toe corrector are used. It also gives an alternative if you don't have a toe corrector. You should still be able to enjoy this class even without these props because she only uses them for a short time in the beginning. The rest of the class is on a Gratz reformer.
Someone once told me to work with what you're given. I loved this! So much of what we do is intuitively layered with the basics coupled with how our clients are built/limitations. Thank you Niedra!
Niedra Gabriel
Dear Holly, than you for your post- and you sound like you absorbed and affirmed many deep convictions for yourself. Always happy to witness such reality in someone else.
Nedra, Thank you for sharing, you truly have a gift! Your queuing is wonderful and so easy to follow.
Niedra Gabriel
I am so happy you are benefitting from this class- thank you for commenting.
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