Foam Roller Basics<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 1074

Foam Roller Basics
Rael Isacowitz
Class 1074

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You are both beautiful , nice and helpful exercises! Rael you are a greate teacher and i'm verry sorry i didn't come to california after what happend in Cyprus...
A true master at work...Passion for movement,so inspirational.
Good exercises! Thank you!
How easy it seems everything, Kristie!. A question: when you do the mermaid and the rotation, the back isquion is up?. Thank you.
Beautiful !! Thank You
Love your new facility :)
Flowing, deliberate and effective. Lovely Kristie and Rael.
Dear Rael,
I love these exercises, as well as your enthusiasm. Your zeal and warmth are admirable and contagious. Thank you for posting this!
I will use these with my clients, and in my personal life as well.
With gratitude,
Monica (a proud BASI certified instructor :) )
quick and great way to start my day! Thank you!
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That felt fabulous!
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This was great. I feel terrific!
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