Magic Circle Power<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 108

Magic Circle Power
Meredith Rogers
Class 108

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This is not an advanced class. This class is for a beginner. The teacher is not organized and does not give clear instructions. This was a waste of my time. If these are the classes that are offered I will be canceling my subscription and telling my friends as well I am a teacher and this teacher is not up tp par!
Hi Karen ~ Thanks for the feedback. We have a variety of levels, styles and of course teachers on our site so we'll hope you check out a few more classes before canceling your subscription. This class is marked as level 2 so we are not trying to pass it off as advanced (which would be marked level 3 and accelerated). If you have specific advice you'd like to give to Meredith regarding her cueing, please do as all the instructors read the forums and take to heart constructive feedback. Our aim is to provide a good workout so please continue to let us know how you think we can do better so when you speak to your friends about us you might do so with a smile.
Oh yes Karen....please do give me some feedback on how I could make your workout more valuable.
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I really enjoyed this workout, and I think it's a good level 2 workout. Meredith is one of my favorite instructors, I like her teaching style and directions, her workouts are always fun for me.
Meredith I think you cueing is very nice, focuses on The Pilates Principles. Unfortunately most people look for tiring-exousting classes to feel the workout. As a studio owner I sometimes try to look for the same just to please my clients. Of course I think when possible we need to bring people back to the essence while giving them the variety and the edge the need. Thanks for your classes, there is always something new I can use.
Thank you for your kind works ladies. I appreciate you and your feedback!
Really annoyed that this video kept pausing. Ive been using it consistently and I feel today I felt ripped off of my time cause I cant even fully experience this class properly with all the pauses in between.
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Abby ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with this class stopping. I recommend watching it in a lower video quality to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
Thanks, Gia.
Sorry, Abby!
This is a great class! I have been teaching for 12 years Karen and found new ideas to use with the magic circle. Great job Meredith!
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