Magic Circle Power<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 108

Magic Circle Power
Meredith Rogers
Class 108

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Thank you Kate! This is one of my very first!!
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I love this class. And I think Meredith is very creative and I learned new ways to use the MC that I can bring to my students. Great job !!!
Thanks Denise! I love it when these old classes show up.  Thanks for going back to the archives for this one!
Kate T
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Fantastic teaching and cueing - superb. A very tough class when done properly and thanks for the inspiration. A big thumbs up from me.
Kate thanks for going back for this one!  It makes me so happy to see these older classes getting some love.
Kara N
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I really enjoyed this class and highly appreciated the detailed cues. I found new material and cues for myself and for my clients. Great flow too.
Kara thank you so much. Seeing these old classes makes me a bit nostalgic for the early years. I love that they are still getting viewed.
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Thought the class was fun and learned a few new moves for my clients. Liked her cueing, could visualize the moves well, thank you
Thanks Randie !!
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What a great class! Love the finding in new ideas for for my own class. From one instructor to another I giggled with your saying,”it is what is”. 👍
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