Quick and Creative Theraband<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 1081

Quick and Creative Theraband
Cecile Bankston
Class 1081

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his lunge position isn't correct? back knee should be more at a 90 degree--am i correct in thinking this. and, teacher really needs to work on her delivery. i am empathetic to the challenges of a well articulated class as i battle with my delivery, but i expect more from something that is posted on Pilates Anytime...this seems really amateur.
Hi Karin, Thanks for your feedback here. It would be helpful if you let us know where in the video (the time) you are questioning the position of the student for Cecile to be able to answer your question. Also, can you be specific about what in her delivery you are not fond of so Cecile can make an attempt to improve it if she agrees with you? Cecile has been teaching for over 25 years but I know she is always open to improving. While there are no "amateurs" on Pilates Anytime, the styles and delivery vary tremendously. I'm sorry that you didn't enjoy this class and hope you will seek other styles that suit you better.
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I tend to agree that throughout the front lunges his stance is too narrow. His knee is bending too far over the foot in front. Perhaps since Cecile was standing to his side she didn't see the angle as she does refer to the 90 degree angle it should be.
Ladies, I am going to separate my comments into two replies so that I may get to everything. First, let me say that I am appreciative of any comments In order to improve, but I do have a few comments. I specifically wanted to have a "regular guy" do this workout, because I was going after an audience of men who may not normally take Pilates, and also who sometimes are very intimidated by those of us who demonstrate perfectly. Also, as Lynne says, though I did not stop him to correct the position, I DID make the comment on what the position should be. Believe me it is not a case of me not seeing it. Over the years we have found on this site that taking time to stop and correct someone kind of ruins the class flow for the people at home or wherever who are trying to take it as a workout. So generally, if I were in my studio, OF COURSE I would stop and fix, but in these videos, I make VERBAL corrections so that the class may flow.
Every teacher on this site has different teaching styles. Some may gel with one person and not with another. I think that is the beauty of this site...you have so many different teachers and styles to choose from. As my teacher and mentor Kathy Corey always says, we should embrace our differences...we can all learn from one another, and as any good Pilates teacher knows, one NEVER stops learning or trying to improve INCLUDING ME! And as one of my other dear friends Master teacher and student of Joseph Pilates, Kathy Grant used to say if she asked if you knew your pilates the answer to her was always "no I do not". She would say"good because when you think you know your Pilates, it's time to stop teaching!" I love that! So very true!
I liked it very much - as Cecile said, it is very uncomplicated and anyone can do. I am going to use some of these exercises in my senior class. They will feel challenged yet safe. Thank you.
Thanks Connie I'm so glad to hear that someone kind of got the concept I was after. In hindsight maybe I should have explained that on the video. I have plenty of very advanced classes as does Kathy Corey, my teacher, and mentor, with beautiful people demonstrating perfectly every single exercise, and I wanted to create something that felt like anyone could do it. And you just make it more or less difficult with the strength of the Theraband. Thanks!
Senior class, schmenior class...anyone can benefit from this old school workout. Thanks Cecile, I love your style!
Thanks Charles...I appreciate that...I think it's pretty universal too.
hi cecile--i'll go back and listen to video again, as i don't remember you correcting him--and I think that visual's are just as imp. as spoken corrections---something you might want to think about next time you use a regular guy (which I appreciate and love that is was a man vs.woman in class). I did like a lot of the moves you used with band--sorry, i should have mentioned that along with the critique, BUT, my overall takeaway from watching the video was that lunge position really bothered me as people are going to do what they see vs. what they hear most times, AND, your delivery of the class is not good (you get into a bit of a groove in some spots, but generally I felt like I was listening to a student teach in a mat seminar...) just being honest as you have taken time to comment---perhaps you needed to rehearse the class a bit? I've watched several video's on this site and this just really struck me as not being at same level as the other classes i have watched....
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