Buff Bones® Tutorial<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Tutorial 1095

Buff Bones® Tutorial
Rebekah Rotstein
Tutorial 1095

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This was a fantastic tutorial with quite a lot of new insights for me. Rebecca, a question for you if possible: For someone with osteopenia, are jumping exercises on the reformer jumpboard allowed? I have been avoiding this so far. Thanks!
Avishag, everything is very individual, but generally yes, assuming the absence of fractures. Glad you enjoyed!
Thanks, Rebecca, for such a useful tutorial! Loved to see the onscreen exploration and examination of the exercises with an intelligent student/teacher giving feedback. It's nice to be able to learn from that process in action because, as you said, we don't always get exactly the movements we are asking for!
Thanks! Yes it's so helpful hearing real feedback on screen!
Hi Rebecca,
I recently did the class with Amy Havens, and enjoyed it very much. I sent in a comment because I was a bit in a panic.
I recently was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. I also am a former dancer, Pilates instructor, massage therapist, ballet instructor, so moving is my thing. It was encouraging to take this tutorial. I will be checking out the others!
Thought provoking class, lots to consider and very clear instruction. Thank you!
Thanks Rebekah, really enjoyed
This was good in so many ways! Your descriptions of the movements and including anatomy details are like a clinic. It was also so useful to see you work with a client/ instructor who could ask great questions and also see how would work with different problems. Loved it!
I'm glad to hear! Yes Ruth and I love having filmed dialogues and discussions so if you want more, check out the Foot Fetish tutorial that we filmed recently and just posted this month! //www.pilatesanytime.com/workshop_v iew.cfm?class_id=2493
Thanks Rebecca, loads of ideas from this one and thanks for the really clear instructions and showing how the subtle differences really change the 'feeling' and the areas being worked. I shall look forward to trying this with my clients.
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