Buff Bones® Tutorial<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Tutorial 1095

Buff Bones® Tutorial
Rebekah Rotstein
Tutorial 1095

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Thank you Rebecca for this Tutorial. I loved that it was unrehearsed and Ruth was asking questions as any student would and you had to answer those questions on the spot. It was indeed real life and you handled it brilliantly. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Be well.
Thank you Rebecca, always full of valuable information. Hope you return to PilatesAnytime soon with more.
Thank you Rebekah Rotstein that you sharing all this information with us!!!!! It was very informative!
I really loved this tutorial. I can’t wait to attend the Buff Bones training in June! See you in London Rebekah. Thank you!
Thanks Rebekah! Some of us are just now discovering this wonderful tutorial! Very useful!
Thank you Rebekah. You do excellent work. I was just diagnosed with Osteopenia and am doing everything I can to avoid Osteoporosis. Would love even more Buff Bones!
Amazing tutorial,loving the side series ;sitting ,all four variations,I’ve been looking for a video like that for a while here I find it to day , super happy ,thank you 🙌🏻
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