Quick Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 1099

Quick Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 1099

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Miss U too Kristi and Cengiz Han!!!What a great time we had!!
Sarah N
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Great "end of long weekend/ ate and drank too much" recovery workout :) Loved the standing swim!
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That was rockin' ! Thank you!
The End of a long weekend of being "over served" Workout!! Now that's a title for a Pilates Class!!! Glad you all enjoyed it!
Enjoyed ........ Thanks
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Thank you Kristi! This is just what I needed this morning! Having a new baby it can be challenging to get a full workout in some days, but this did the trick! :)
Wow! Dynamic and challenging! Thank you.
Loved the standing swimming. Think you,
Now thats what I call a work out Nice job. Thank you.
Wow, Y'all sure know how to welcome a nervous girl back on camera. I really appreciate your comments here.
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