Upper Body Strengthening<br>Ed Botha<br>Class 1136

Upper Body Strengthening
Ed Botha
Class 1136

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Excellent-excellent and not for the weak of heart! Man, that was proof I still need work on my push-ups!

Thank you, Ed!
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Loved the variations on the double leg stretch. Can't wait to try them out on my class tonight!
Thank you for a great class.
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Great class. And yes, the pushups were killer- but loved the variety.
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What a delight! I feared that an Ed Botha 2/3 might be "out of my league" and negotiated with myself that I would just continue as long as I felt I was doing careful and conscious work. Happy surprise to find that I felt "cajoled" and guided right through to a satisfying end. Thank you.
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Wow. Rockstar. The whole class was like a single piece of music that flowed and talked. You are a Pilates-composer.
Great class and so good to have you!!
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Thanks Meredith. Hope you are well. Hope to see you all soon again..
Fantastic! Easy to find where I need more work, but it all feels great!!
Amazing class, Ed. Fun variations and your cueing seemed to flow effortlessly and was very easy to follow. One of my favorites!
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