Upper Body Strengthening
Ed Botha
Class 1136

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Awesome sequence. Thank you for your inspiration.
I started to do class but like some of the other videos it kept freezing up. I watch on my iPad is there anything I cn do?
Michele ~ Thank you for your post. Here is a link to the FAQs which might be able to help solve your problem. You could also try restarting your device. If you are still having problems with the videos, you can email us at contact@pilatesanytime.com for more assistance.
Thank you Ed, your class was strong and really introspective!
Thank you!
Great work Ed, loved the class, your cues and your teaching method. I have a few fellow Pilates instructors coming over for a studio workout tomorrow, so I will now put them through this Mat class instead. I am sure they will love it. Thanks again. Raymond
i have always found myself partial to a reformer class but i did this class today and wow!!!fab fab class.it wld b nice to have some modifications shown just in case some people may have certain issues e.g i grappled with my tight hip flexors.i did it but was very aware.....but a great class and i wl b following Ed for sure
I loved the class and looking forward to teaching it...thank you! Just a thought...There was someone in the class who was struggling with the exercises and it would have been useful for me( and better for her!) to see her do modified versions of the exercises.
I loved this class and I'm looking forward to putting my class members through some of the moves next week. Thanks Ed.
Only a pleasure!
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