Foam Roller Release<br>Tash Barnard<br>Class 1143

Foam Roller Release
Tash Barnard
Class 1143

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Loved the flow, cueing, movements that left me feeling lengthened and gently worked. Nothing too "necky". Lots of extension. Thank you!
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Just got a foam roller for my birthday and this was my first class. What have I been missing? Fabulous!
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Best class yet!!! My body got an amazing tension release through the stretching and rolling, and my abs got challenged/strengthend as well. I love this foam roller class :)
Love this class!! Lots of new release techniques I haven't experienced before.
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Thank you for a great class! I felt so good after it since it is a perfect combination of muscle activation and relaxation. Especially enjoyed the massage of deep gluteal muscles and IT band - when it hurts a little bit but it feels soooo good in the same time... :)

Great atmosphere of the whole class also! I enjoyed it even though I wasn't there...
Thank you, Nastaja, for a wonderful class! You are so joyful energetic, - that makes the class so intense and fun!
Well structured class Tash! So proud of our little South African! Patricia Schwartz.
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This is hands down the BEST foam roller class ever.
Love this class-it's fantastic!!! The roller is my favourite prop for sure. Tough though and lifting the top leg on side lift was a huge (wobbly) challenge but I look forward to trying it again n again. I'm gonna be sore tmrw
I actually started applauding at the end of class even though I was alone in my house. I've never done that before! This is my favorite workout. I felt perfectly prepared for each new exercise. Thank-you!
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