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Thank you Kristi and Deborah for giving everyone in the Pilates community a chance to hear and learn about this method from the grass roots and up. Understanding the phases and the family "tree"of contrology really helps to bring a much fuller understanding of this work. Just wonderful.
Super interesting and beautiful interview! Thank you Deborah, Kristi & Pilates Anytime!
Yes very interesting. I don't know why but for some reason I thought this lawsuit happened in the 70's. So now I feel educated and informed. I had no idea how greatly it impacted people. Thank you, yet again, for bringing info to me.
I'm so happy you all are taking the time to listen to this interview. Deborah's role in the Pilates community has been so important. I recently went up to Sacramento to interview Ken Endelman on the lawsuit too. That will come soon. Please spread the word about this interview. There are too many teachers that don't know about the trademark lawsuit. I taught Pilates for 4-5 years as a Pilates teacher then had to stop saying I taught Pilates for the next 5 years. It was a very confusing way to try to start a business. Deborah and Ken gave up a lot for us to get that word back. Thank you Deborah!!!!
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Thank you Kristi and Deborah. It was informative and interesting hearing about the lawsuit through this interview. I really hope more people see this to understand the history of Pilates.
Thank you Blossom (Leilani Crawford), you are a big part of this rich history of Pilates and I very much look forward to you sharing your experience with us in December.

Blossom Leilani Crawford
Wow, I am constantly amazed at the fabulous information from Pilates Anytime. Thank you so much for this interview. I can really credit her and Ken for standing up to that law suite. It must have been very difficult. I would not have my studio if they did not put up a fight.
Thank you Laurie. I am happy to say that last week, on behalf of Pilates Anytime and the Legacy project we are working on, Brett Howard interviewed Sean Gallagher on the subject of the lawsuit (as well as his experience with Romana Kryzanowska). It will be a short while before his and Ken Endelman's interviews are live on the sight, but when they are, I encourage you and everyone to make sure that you watch and hear all sides. It it absolutely fascinating. I am grateful for all three for sharing their perspectives as it was possibly the most important time in this history of Pilates so far.
Corey Rad
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Thank you so much Kristi for providing this kind of information on your website. I lust love Debra Lessen, I knew she played an important role but not to such detail as she spoke about here. I love this profession and I have such gratitude for those who made it possible. I've been a member of PMA, but am now getting ready to finally take the exam after years of teaching. I can't wait to be PMA certified!
Thank you for posting a lovely interview. Thank you, Deborah Lessen, for educating and sharing your history and spirit. I am so grateful to learn the roots and integrity of our practice, and to know more about the PMA. Looking forward to learning more :)
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