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That was excellent. Thankyou Deborah, I feel like your professionalism and love of Pilates sets us all in good stead. xx
Hi Kristi, I'm wondering when your going to interview me about the lawsuit so that I can address many of the comments Debra makes here that are factually incorrect.
Hi Sean, The interview we already did with you will be released on July 28th. I know it's been a long time since that interview and I am sorry for the delay. In that interview, we asked and you answered several questions about the Lawsuit. I hope you feel more equally represented once the interview goes up. The only reason it isn't "up" now is due to the fact we had to postpone all of the interviews we did last Summer due to the passing of Romana. We just released Romana's biography last week and are now in the process of distributing each of the individual interviews, yours included. We appreciate your patience and know it is important that you have your say too.
PS: Sean you have repeatedly declined my requests to be featured on our website independent of your contributions to Romana's portion of the Legacy project . If you have changed your mind, we consider that good news here at Pilates Anytime. Feel free to contact me directly to book a date.
Hi Kristi, Did you not assure me that before anything was published that I would get a chance to see it and approve of it? I am wondering why this was not done with this segment. I look forward to seeing the edited interview that you did with me before it is published. To set the record straight my recollection is that you repeatedly asked me to allow my archives to be featured on Pilates anytime and that is what I have denied. I do not recall you asking me to featured on Pilates Anytime. I would be happy to do a follow up to address the continued factual misrepresentations that I have heard here and on other interviews and would be happy to provide documents to back up anything that I am contesting. Thank you.
Sorry it was not this segment that I was referring to above but the one done about Romana, Apologies.
Hi Sean, I'm sorry but no, there was no agreement that you (or anyone else) would get to review how we compiled the interviews for Romana's students or the interviews individually done about Romana. Asking for approval once something is edited is not a viable option for our business. It turns out most people don't like to watch themselves on camera and usually want something to be different I'm sorry if you don't like your part in "Romana's students" video. I think you and everyone else in it do a great service to those of us who never got the chance to meet her. I am profoundly grateful that you all participated in helping us share her legacy with our members. If there is more on this subject that you'd like to discuss, please contact me directly. 805-705-9273.
Hi Kristi, you are correct there was no written agreement but you did tell me that I could approve it before it was published verbally otherwise I would not have agreed to do the interview. And since Pilatesology did allow me to view the segment they did with me and approve it and they even re-edited it after I saw it so your statement that it is not a viable option for this type of business is not really correct. But if that is how you like doing business that is your option.
I think what you did was a wonderful tribute to Romana and I don't think I said I was unhappy with anything I said in it what I was asking was an opportunity to address the factually inaccurate statements made by other about the relationship that Romana and I had, about our history and about certain aspects of the trademark case. I am sure I will find an outlet that will let me provide my side of the story and address the issues that I find with those you have interviewed here.
Sean your interview is in your inbox for review. I'm not debating your memory versus mine nor the semantics of what is or is not viable for Pilates Anytime. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as I do.
Niedra Gabriel
I just watched this - wow, so much went on in this law suit that I was unaware of - thank you Kristi for doing these interviews, it is so wonderful to see the many angles of what affected out industry and community.
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