Prenatal Mat Series #1
Leah Stewart
Class 1147

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Pregnant with my 4th baby and I love that I can always rely on Leah Stewart! She has a way of knowing just what a pregnant body needs! This felt so good to my chest and back. I've had 3 quick and all natural births/labors and I attribute a lot of it to Pilates.
PS I may or may not have stopped half way through this workout for a bowl of frozen yogurt! :) hahaha
Misty - Sorry for the late response! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and you are a true testament to the ways in which Pilates is so important for pregnant mamas and for new mamas as well. I hope you are continuing to feel well and enjoying that frozen yogurt
Samaris - I haven't designed a class specifically for c-section recovery, although I would love to. I think you'll find many of the gentle exercises in some of my postnatal classes to be very helpful with c-section recovery.
Leah Stewart Are the prenatal classes also suitable for post natal? I'm currently 6 weeks post natal .
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Rebecca Yes, they are. I think you will enjoy many of the exercises postpartum as well as many of the same exercise modifications will be appropriate. They are some differences around abdominal and pelvic floor work as the goal is to rehabilitate them both after pregnancy and birth. My suggestion is that you watch some of my postnatal classes to see and hear a difference in some of the cues and ideas in postnatal classes and apply them to the prenatal classes you are using for postnatal. Congratulations and all the best to you!
Hi! This class was exactly what I needed! I wanted to ask you if doing these prenatal series will help prevent distatsis (i know i spelled this wrong) recti? I’m 18 weeks in my second pregnancy and I did not have any problems in my first pregnancy with this, but I don’t want any in my second either!
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It is such a big surprise for me to see how these seemingly easy exercises work so well on my tense back. Two weeks ago this session was too easy for me, but with the pregnancy progressing it is just right for me.
28 weeks today and this felt great! Thank you!
At 29 weeks today, this was perfect, my hips feel more open, spine more supple and upper body less tense. Thank you Leah Stewart  :) 
7 weeks and just after a few exhausting days of nausea, this class helped me reconnect with myself and my growing baby. Thank you Leah for all the positive, beautiful words in this session. Theyŕe a gift at this stressful time.
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