Prenatal Tension Release<br>Leah Stewart<br>Class 1147

Prenatal Tension Release
Leah Stewart
Class 1147

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Incredibly creative! Love the movement concept. My moms might be in giggles too! They are a chatty bunch!
I have a duet with second-trimester pregnant woman and 83-year-old post back surgery client, and they absolutely loved this sequence, Leah. Thanks, as always, for your creative flows.
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I did the 'sexy' hip swing with a group of older ladies and never had them in so much giggles :) absolutely love these exercises for myself too! Back and pelvis feel great, also without being pregnant!!! Am one of your big fans, Lea - best wishes from the beautiful Red Sea in Egypt!!

I am so happy that you enjoyed this class I am also really happy to hear that this class helped your clients relax and giggle a bit, so important

Thank you so much Leah for the addition of Pilates Mat Series 1&2...Wonderfully creative in concept and fluidity of movement...Perfect for this body of mine two weeks away from my due date, as well as future pre natal clients (not to mention an amazing use of my time as my 2 1/2 year old naps :)...You're awesome!

Yay! I too love this class close to my due date, it feels so good just to move with freedom and without inhibition (a great preparation for labor). I hope that your birth goes well, if you haven't already had the baby
I loved this class! I tried it to hoping to find inspiration for some of my prenatal clients and although I'm not currently pregnant these exercises made me feel fantastic, very open and fluid!
I especially like the childs pose extension variation. That exercise felt incredible on my hips! Thank you!
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As a loooong time prenatal educator and doula who has attended more than 900 births and who has "caught" a few dozen babies as a midwife's apprentice I simply MUST thank you cor your emphasis on connecting the "work" (both physical and emtional) of your classes to the realities of labor and birth. Far too many women (and teachers) don't appear to understand that this preparation is not just a preamble to the"real thing" but a huge component of how to assure that labor progresses beautifully when it begins. The only thing more that needs to be emphasized is that women need to select caregiverz and birthplaces that are congruent with liberty of movement and positions!! So when women enter a hospital and then are kept immobilized. Perfect recipe for way too many unnecessay interventions!
That was supposed to say "so sad when..." only my 2nd day using a tablet for PA and my responses and I don' t look too literate yet. Lol

Thank you so much for your comment, and I couldn't agree with you more on all accounts! Without laboring and birthing in an environment that is supportive of the freedom to birth in comfortable, advantageous positions, all the Pilates for labor preparation in the world can only take a woman so far in her labor and birth experience. It can help a ton, but to complete the power of using Pilates, a woman needs to be able to move during labor. At the time of your comment I had literally just given birth to my son, Bennett in the shower at home in a kneeling position - it was amazing! So happy to see your passion on this topic.
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