Archival Standing Arm Work<br>Rachel Taylor Segel<br>Class 1148

Archival Standing Arm Work
Rachel Taylor Segel
Class 1148

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Amazing class! Loved every second of it!
Karin H
I loved your presentation & explanations and your emphasis on better breath and upper body strength. Best of all I recognized your "uh hum" - said in the same intonation as Blossom says it and I assume the same way Kathy Grant said it. Carried down from one teacher to another! I hope you don't mind me mentioning that!
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Thank you for sharing the archival work with many teaching moments. Russian squat knee crunching is informative. ;) It was excellent. Thank you!
Great workout. Lot's of talking though. Start at 3:45 to save time and go to the actual workout.
As a guy :) I enjoyed these. Great upper body work out. Thanks for sharing these.
Amazing! the cues and pace and focus were perfect. This is why I love Pilates. Bravo Rachel! Thank you so much for sharing this .
i enjoyed this class!!! fun and strong!! :) Thank you! I loved your cueing like "marriage with the springs" or thinking of the springs as your partner moving through the exercises. Thank you for sharing archival exercises and your fun and informative style!
So glad!! I love that strong spring work- we call it " get your Joe on" ๐Ÿ’• Rachel
Thank you Rachel Taylor Segel for this standing archival Work -love the surprise moment of leaning back into the chest expansion - a whole new โ€œahaโ€ moment of awareness- great ideas for balance work as well๐Ÿ’œ
That was brilliant and challenging! Thanks so much.
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